The D-Q Board of Trustees has developed the following committees in order to carry out planning and preparation tasks needed to move the college forward in its progress towards re-opening.

Bylaws require that committees maintain a membership that is a majority Board of Trustee members. However, the committee chairperson may create sub-committees which can be composed of as many or as few individuals as feasible and necessary. Sub-committees are open to any individuals who may be interested in serving and they will work on research or projects as assigned by the committee. Sub-committees report back to the committee and the committee Chairperson will forward items needing full Board of Trustee approval.  Individuals will be appointed to a sub-committee by the committee chairperson. There is no formal application to serve on a sub-committee but individuals interested in serving should get in contact the committee Chairperson. Depending on the types of projects being worked on, a sub-committee member may be asked to complete a volunteer application.

Please send an email  to express interest in serving on a sub-committee. Please include your name, phone number, availability, and what sub-committee you are interested in. Your contact information will be forwarded to the appropriate committee Chair.

The following committees currently exist:

  • Executive Committee

    Members of this committee include the four Board officer positions and three Board of Trustee members at large. The committee deals with items requiring action between meetings of the full Board. There are no established sub-committees at this time. Committee Chairperson:  Stan Rodriguez
  • Personnel Committee

    The Personnel Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending the adoption of comprehensive personnel policies, compiling and submitting to the full Board a list of (3) candidates for the position of University President, and screening applications for the position of University Vice-President, financial officer, and deans. There are no established sub-committees at this time. Committee Chairperson: Stan Rodriguez
  • Curriculum Committee

    Responsible for the review and development of curriculum policies, strategies, and matriculation agreements. Also responsible for library standards and reviewing the overall educational policies to ensure consistency with D-Q’s mission and goals. Committee Chairperson:  Jennifer Ruiz

    Click here to take the curriculum committee survey

    Sub-Committees of the Curriculum Committee include:

    • Policy sub-committee – contact other tribal colleges to find samples of policy that guide curriculum review, faculty recruitment and retention.
    • Curriculum content sub-committee – seeks sample curricula from other schools and adapts for D-Q as needed. (develops handbook)
    • Partnership sub-committee – seeks info on potential partnership with other local schools, Universities, and Tribal colleges.
    • Grants sub-committee – seeks grant info and assists with writing curriculum component of grant applications to fund educational programs and faculty.
    • Accreditation sub-committee – works on gathering details and establishing timeline/process for accreditation.
    • Library sub-committee – works to coordinate and maintain the library on campus.
  • Bylaws Committee

    The bylaws committee reviews and makes recommendations for updating the bylaws of the University. There are no established sub-committees at this time. Committee Chairperson: Shelley Whitebear
  • Site Development Committee

    The site development committee is responsible for reviewing the land use activities developed by the administration consistent with the goals and philosophies of the University and reviewing the University’s master plan for utilization of land and facilities. Committee Chairperson: Joseph Saulque

    Sub-Committees of the Site Development Committee include:

    • Healing Ceremony Sub-committee – coordination of healing ceremony event to bless and heal D-Q University grounds. Committee members do not necessarily perform the healing ceremony themselves but work to coordinate the event and invite appropriate cultural/spiritual community leaders.
  • Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee will be chaired by the Board Treasurer. The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the development of financial, fiscal, funding, and fund raising policies. The Committee also analyzes and reviews the budget, the administration’s Financial report, D-Q University audits, and recommends any necessary action to the full board.There are no established sub-committees at this time. Committee Chairperson: Joseph Saulque
  • Fundraising Committee

    The Fundraising Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating fundraising activities and events. There are no established sub-committees at this time. Committee Chairperson: Victoria Ramos

Meeting information will be posted on the main page or email the Board to get in contact with Committee Chairs.